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Nikon D60

A Nikon D60 with kit lens shot from above and slightly to the side.

Nikon D80

A Nikon D80

FinePix S6500

A FinePix S6500 shot from above.


This is where I keep all of my photos.

I’ve tried to categorise them so that they’re easier to look through, making five albums. All of the titles are fairly self explanatory, so I won’t bother describing what’s contained in each one!

Simply click on an album to look inside, and of course I will keep adding to them as I take new pictures.


A weathered-looking tree on scrubland photographed against a bright blue sky with cottonwool clouds.


A bowl with a piece missing in the shape of a heart, photographed showing the shadow of the bowl with the missing piece beside it.


A woman paddling her feet in a mountain spring in Lake Garda, Italy.


A photo of houses in Brighton against a bright blue cloudy sky, taken from a Methodist church window


A russian blue kitten shot from the front, stretching and looking upwards. Shot in a garden with out of focus folliage behind, backlit by the sun.

My main focus in my photography is animals, nature, and anything that I think would make a good photo. I have to confess that I know relatively little about cameras, lenses and the like, because I haven’t allocated enough time to learning it. If I have any queries I’ll often approach my dad if I’m at home and have him help me set up the camera and show me which lens to use, or phone him if I need his help in Brighton. I’m sure that if I teamed up my ability to see what makes a good photo with some actual knowledge, the quality of my photography could be vastly improved. But that’s something which is always easier said than done, as it requires more focus and discipline than I’m willing to give it at the moment.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about approaching people with dogs in Brighton and asking whether I can photograph their mutts, to put the photos up here. It’d be good because it would improve my skills, I’d have some lovely dog photos and it might make people more aware of my website. There are so many dogs in Brighton! But it’s amazing how you can always find other things to do, and before you know it another year has passed.

My photos have been taken by various cameras over the years. They include my dad’s Nikon D80, my Nikon D60, my FinePix S6500, a Canon Ixus and phone cameras. I mostly use my Nikon D60. It came with an 18-55mm VR (vibration reduction) kit lens, which is slightly wide-angled.  I have another lens from my Dad, which is a 55-200mm VR. These two lenses and my tripod suit me for almost all my photography purposes, but if I need any other kit like a ring flash, macro extension tubes, a macro lens or a better tripod, I’m lucky enough that I can borrow it off my Dad.

Dad uses Nikon cameras, which means that I do too so I can borrow his lenses. It would be strange to buy a Canon DSLR when my Dad has so many Nikon lenses. I also really like Nikon DSLRs, probably because I’ve grown up using them. This isn’t to say that I wouldn’t like Canons, I just don’t see the need to use one.

A great lens to have next would be the Nikon 10-24mm lens from 2010 (AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED), which has pretty blinding reviews. It’s an ultra-wide zoom lens, that would go perfectly with my other two lenses. It’s meant to be extremely sharp and lightweight, and it would mean that I had lenses ranging from 10-200mm.

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