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A yellow and black butterfly in Italy, on a mountain/hill near Lake Garda. It's feeding from a pink flower, shot against a green leafy background. A small stone archway hidden away in the folliage on the side of a hill/mountain on Lake Garda. A boat sailing across Lake Garda, with mountains behind and a low cloud above. Sunset on Lake Trasimeno. Two woven parasols are shot infront of the lake, whose water appears pink from the reflection of the sky. Clouds draped over the cliffs on a stormy day at sea on Lake Garda. The water is now still and dark as the storm is passing. Two elephants at Berlin Zoo, one is trying to push the other out of the enclosure, the one being pushed appears to have a sad expression. A lioness pacing inside her enclosure at Berlin Zoo. She is shot behind bars and against the blue background of her enclosure. A hummingbird hawk moth shown feeding from pink flowers on a hillside near Lake Garda. Lulu the tutle in the Brighton Sealife Centre. Shot from above swimming in her pool, the water appears multi-coloured. A stormy day in Limone on Lake Garda. The sea is getting choppy and there are grey clouds above the town. A sand cat shot from the side in Berlin Zoo, standing with its front paws on a log. A woman paddling her feet in a mountain spring in Lake Garda, Italy. Flames from our campfire in Burnbake, Swanage. The flames are shot against a black background, licking upwards. Fishing boats in malta, on the still turquoise water. The floor of a church in Malta, with the door ajar spilling light across it. Fishermen in Malta surrounded by cats waiting for their lunch. Shot from above with a dark blue sea surrounding them.


I always find myself desperately trying to replicate how stormy, beautiful, eerie or sunny the place I visited was, but it always seems to be just out of reach. Sure, you can see that it was sunny there, but you can never seem to convey the blistering heat or the eerie silence and emptiness of a place.

Despite this, I still love my holiday photos. They make up so many of my memories about a place, I remember seeing something and how I took the photo, and I would also forget so much without them. I look through photos from holidays from years a go and suddenly remember the day we took a trip to that place, what the ground felt like beneath my feet and the feeling of being on top of a cliff.

In the end, it’s not even about capturing how the place looked to you every day, because you can do that (to some extent) with your camera. That feeling that you can’t seem to replicate is often everything about that place combined. The people, the weather, the air, the scenery, the bustle, the emptiness, the serenity, the city life. I want to cram everything that makes the place unique into those photos, but I never seem to quite achieve it.

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