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A photo of Bryony Rosa standing infront of a wild flower meadow, wearing sunglasses and smiling. A bright blue grape hyacinth against grass and a black background, photographed close-up using a Nikon D80. A macro photograph of a blue eye with the photographer reflected in the pupil. A cat lying on a black leather sofa, on it's back shot at sofa-level staring into the camera, side lit. A bowl with a piece missing in the shape of a heart, photographed showing the shadow of the bowl with the missing piece beside it.

Broken-heart bowl

Bryony Rosa (2014)

Ryan’s eye

Momo in the studio


I made this site so that I could have somewhere to order and share my photography that was easily accessible for family, friends and anyone else. I’ve been taking photos with my Dad’s camera since 2003 (aged 10), and ones that I’m proud of since 2007, such as the photo grape hyacinth below. This website is a hybrid gallery/blog where I can post my photography and write about life and my musings. Although I won’t always be adding new photos, originally due to Uni but now just because I work, I’m trying to get back into photography and writing.

It’s probably worth noting that this is the second version of my website. I made my first one about 6 years ago, but with starting college and then university I ran out of time to regularly update it. At 19 I wanted to completely re-make my website, starting again to create something that I was happy with. I believed that the addition of a blog would force me to keep my site up to date, but as you can probably tell from the dates of the posts it wasn’t too much of a success while I was studying!

As a graduate at 21 I’ve accepted that I probably won’t update this site as much as I would like. Hopefully I’ll be more willing to write blog posts here knowing that the likely-hood is no one will be reading it!

From building and updating this website I’ve found that it’s pretty satisfying creating somewhere you can display your work and have complete control over.

It was my dad’s websites that inspired me to create my own, such as his photography website picturelakegarda.com. He also has a website for his gas boiler servicing business Lovekin Ltd, which operates across Surrey and Hampshire. It can be found at lovekin.co.uk.

If you happen to be looking for information about Guildford, my other website guildfordguidebook.com  is full of photos and interesting facts about Guildford.

A grape hyacinth in my parents’ garden

Want to buy prints of my photos? Go to photoboxgallery.com/bryonyrosa and choose the photos, size and amount!


New photos in ‘Animals’ and ‘Mobile’!