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A discoball reflecting blue and orange light onto two walls. A close-up of purple moth orchids with the sun shining on them. A red globe on a table with sunlight shining through it, casting a red shadow. A macro photograph of a blue eye with the photographer reflected in the pupil. A bowl with a piece missing in the shape of a heart, photographed showing the shadow of the bowl with the missing piece beside it. A macro shot of an eye, lit from one side. A pink lily in a bouquet of flowers, shot from the side with light falling on half of the flower. Purple moth orchids seen behind a black object, slightly obscured by it. A pink rose in a bouquet of roses and lilies, shot in soft light with a lily out of focus in the background. A white moth orchid with a dark background, with light illuminating some parts of it.


My indoor photography mostly takes place in the conservatory at my parents’ house. My main focus is the orchids that are around the windowsills, and any bouquets in vases. My indoor work also consists of  a couple of close-up shots of eyes.

I’ve always loved the orchids which my parents have, and now have one of my own in Brighton. They always look completely flawless, so much so that people ask whether or not they’re real. They thrive in the constant sunlight and warmth of the conservatory and seem to be continually in bloom.

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