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A honeybee feeding from some purple lavender, taken close-up. Four frogs hiding under a green lilypad in a pond, with their faces peeping out from under one edge. An icy plant with frost on it, on a blue/green background in winter. Houses and trees silhouetted against a darkening navy, purple and salmon sunset with plane trails criss-crossing it. A macro shot of a sundial, covered in frost. An orange lantern from a plant, shot close up with frost on it. The Red Arrows flying in formation, shot from beneath against a light blue sky. Brown, autumnal looking plants with fluffy seedheads covered in frost or snow, with a brown background. A red plastic lily light in a pond, shot with its partial reflection showing in the pond. The centre of Stone Henge, shot with the sun to the right, casting long shadow and creating bokehs. The stones stand on green grass with a blue sky behind. Large purple flowers shot close up with their pollen dropped on the petals. Red and yellow tulips shot with a fairly shallow depth of field, with the front and back tulips out of focus but the middle one sharp. Shot against a dark green/black background. The Red Arrows shot from the side in tight formation, against a pale blue sky with white smoke trails. A photo of a sunrise with trees silhouetted on it. The sky is extremely red and the objects silhouetted are black. A knothole in a railway sleeper filled with icicles, shot close-up. A weathered, un-painted wooden rocking horse in a garden, bathed in sunlight. Shot from the front with a slightly wide-angle lens. White daffodils shot against a very dark background. A garden spider on a very large web, shot in macro eating its prey. A yellow daffodil shot on its own against a dark background. A bright blue grape hyacinth against grass and a black background, photographed close-up using a Nikon D80. A deep purple and red sunrise shot with trees and buildings silhouetted infront of it. A close-up shot of Stone Henge showing two sets of the larger central stones, against a light blue sky. The tips of the branches of a sumac tree, shot against a deep, rich blue sky without any clouds. A red tulip surrounded by snow, with a clump of snow on top of it. A tree and building silhouetted against a deep pink, orange, salmon and blue sunset, with a car driving into the silhouette with matching red brake lights. A tree and hedge silhouetted against a golden yellow sunset sky with misty clouds. Straight plane trails going horizontally across a dark blue sky, with silhouetted houses and the sun setting. An almost black and white grainy photo of snowflakes gently falling and bulding up beside a metal pillar. A photograph of a collared dove on a lantern shaped bird feeder, looking directly into the camera. A collared dove on a lantern shaped bird feeder, spreading its wing down towards the bottom of the frame to keep its balance. Two tall trees shot against a blue sky with some clouds, their reflections partially shown in some puddles on the road. A fragile looking straw-like brown plant with small flowers shot in macro. A honeybee feeding from purple lavender, shot from the front with an out of focus grassy background. A small brown mushroom shot against brown bracken and pine needles. The Red Arrows shot from below, flying beside eachother with red, white and blue smoke trails. A metal structure in Brighton, rusting in the salty sea air. A bright red fly agaric mushroom shot from the side at ground level, with the background covered in bokehs. A weathered-looking tree on scrubland photographed against a bright blue sky with cottonwool clouds. A shot of grass in a garden, half covered in shadow and frosty, half in the sunlight and lush. Shot with the shadow of the photographer stretching across it. A metal structure in Brighton, rusting in the salty sea air. Ivy covering a fence in an alley, the alley stretching away and becoming out of focus. A tree with bright red maple-shaped leaves in the autumn, shot against a blue sky and a garden shed, the leaves dropping on the floor. A single yellow daffodil shot against a lush green background of plants. A metal structure in Brighton, rusting in the salty sea air. People walking along a path in open scrubland, a large puddle reflecting the red fleece of one of the walkers. Undisturbed plane trails criss crossing over a bright blue sky, with sunlight shining on the red roof of a house.


Outdoors is where I take the majority of all my photos. I’ve always loved animals and nature since I was small, and I even wanted to be a vet for a few years. I always feel at my most natural when I’m outdoors, especially in my parents’ garden.

I love my parents’ garden. When we first moved in it was a green lawn with some trees against the back fence. Now it manages to keep the perfect balance of a beautiful jungle. It’s the thing that receives the most compliments in the house, which is mainly down to my Mum’s (and also my Dad’s) brilliant green fingers. When I was young I spent all my spare time in the garden, playing with the cats in the lush paradise. I can only imagine how amazing it must be for them! A space to prowl around in which is both wild and safe, with lovely warm sheds and greenhouses to sleep in. And not only is it a beautiful jungle, it also has a pond! Ponds are things of endless entertainment for cats and people. There’re so many living things in there; and when it’s sunny and the water’s clear I could sit all day watching the little eco system in there.

My favourite time of year for outdoor photography is the Spring and Summer. This is the easiest time of year to take photos full of warmth and life, which are instantly aesthetically pleasing. When there’s a sunny day at my parent’s house and I have nothing to do, I love nothing more than to go out into the garden and take pictures.

But this isn’t to say that I don’t also love Autumn and Winter! Autumn has such lovely warm reds and chocolate browns, it’s the perfect time of year for going up onto the Ranges to take photos of mushrooms and autumnal trees.

But for me winter is the hardest month for positive, happy photography. Things often appear dead and drab, not bursting with life like the other months. But when there’s crisp white snow and icicles, things become much easier. Everything looks clean and white like it’s just come out of a Bambi, and of course, everything looks deliciously Christmassy.

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